Michael Hudson

Founder & CEO

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” - Nikola Tesla

Founder and CEO, Michael is as driven as he is the driver behind the vision, vigour and passion ofavatrdemarket.

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With a relentless entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, Michael pursued his own business from his early teens, gleaning global demand for overclocking computers. (Revving up the speed and processing power of computers than they're originally built for, for us uninitiated non-techies, out there!) 


But it was this early international success that spurred his realisation of the shortcomings in the economic and financial industries. Firstly, hampered by slow, ineffective and costly money exchange, and then, ultimately, shut down by the repercussions of the global recession circa 2008. 

It wasn't long after that Michael discovered Bitcoin, and he's the first to admit that in the beginning, he dismissed the technology's potential. But a conversation with a friend some time later changed that and kindled his interest. And so, he immersed himself into research! 


This new found understanding, not only about the monetary and economic possibilities, but the philosophical aspects too, led Michael to foundavatrdemarket in 2014 as a cryptocurrency market advisory and investment firm. The first of it's kind in the City of London.  


But the story doesn't stop there. 


Michael has used his life-long self-studies in an array of ‘unconventional’ subjects, including vortex mathematics, sacred geometry, unified field theory, and human origins to fit all the puzzle pieces together and develop an understanding of Bitcoin beyond the typical industry view, formulating a business vision that takesavatrdemarket from 'an investment firm' to a company dedicated to delivering on a far-reaching, humanitarian-based solution: A global, data bank, backed by the scale and power of Bitcoin. 


Michael may be an incredibly busy business leader, but he is equally devoted to his young family and always makes time for his petrolhead passion.


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